21.05.2020 – Machine Vision News

21.05.2020 – Machine Vision News

Machine Vision News for machine vision, computer vision and automation engineers and all other machine vision enthusiasts.

Deep learning camera series – Firefly DL from FLIR

Flir released their Deep Learning camera series – Firefly DL. All models can run with 60 FPS with 1.6 MP resolution. Deploying trained neural network to the FLIR Firefly DL with Neuro technology, users can reduce system cost and complexity by making decisions on-camera without host PC. With its very small size, low weight and power consumption, the Firefly DL camera is ideal for embedding into mobile, desktop, and handheld systems.



C5 Compact Thermal Camera  from FLIR

FLIR announced its C5 Compact Thermal Camera. This powerful, pocket-portable tool makes it easier to inspect, document issues, and instantly share results with customers. It allows to quickly and safely find hidden problems, and reduce diagnostic time with this professional tool that’s packed with features including: Onboard FLIR Ignite™ cloud connectivity with backup, storage, and sharing MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) provides detailed thermal images, 1-Touch Level/Span saves you time on manual level/span adjustments, True 160 × 120 thermal imager (19,200 pixels),  Built-in tripod mount.



TwinCAT Vision from Beckhoff

Beckhoff has expanded its TwinCAT product range to include TwinCAT Vision, an integrated Image processing solution. This addition underscores the increasing importance of image processing as a quality factor across mechanical engineering, particularly in applications like Industry 4.0, Quality optimisation, and track-and-trace.

PC-based control offers an ideal solution here: TwinCAT Vision adds image processing to a universal control platform that incorporates PLC, motion control, robotics, high-end measurement technology, IoT and HMI. This simplifies engineering significantly in that it allows camera configuration and programming tasks to be carried out in the familiar PLC environment. In addition, all control functions related to image processing can be synchronised in the runtime system precisely, in real time


Workstation-grade solution ECX-2000 Series from Vecow

Vecow announced the release of the latest workstation-grade solution ECX-2000 Powered by 10th Gen Intel Core i9/i7/i5/i3 processor, Vecow ECX-2000 new Series includes several innovations that raise the bar for industrial embedded systems. This progressive system is ideally designed for modern computer vision applications at the edge including Machine Vision, Factory Automation, Intelligent Vending, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Robotic Control, AMR/AGV, Deep Learning, any Artificial Intelligent oriented AIoT or Industry 4.0 applications.



New models in IDS’ uEye AF machine vision camera series

IDS widened its uEye AF camera family. For the first time models with upright USB Type-C orientation will be available on request. The provided autofocus function ensures sharp images in no time at all, even if the lens is no longer manually accessible. Besides models with a horizontal USB Type-C connector, now there are also versions with a vertical orientation available on request, which provides more flexibility for camera integration.



High resolution telecentric lenses from Opto Engineering

Opto Engineering has designed a complete range of high resolution telecentric lenses optimized for the latest 12MP cameras on the market. Available both in classic and ultra-compact Core and Core Plus designs, these lenses are ideal for 1.1” image sensors like the IMX253 and IMX304 from Sony.



The 12.3-megapixel camera from Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi announced the new member of its camera family. The 12.3-megapixel High Quality Camera with Sony IMX477 sensor is available for just $50, alongside a range of interchangeable lenses starting at $25. Camera’s features include also:

  • 1.55μm × 1.55μm pixel size
  • Back-illuminated sensor architecture for improved sensitivity
  • Support for off-the-shelf C- and CS-mount lenses
  • Integrated back-focus adjustment ring and tripod mount.



Alvium 1800 U camera from Allied Vision

Allied Vision released Alvium 1800 U, its new USB3 Vision camera. Unlike the FPGAs commonly used in machine vision cameras, the ALVIUM Serries combines high performance with low power consumption. Equipped with high-performance sensors and a comprehensive image processing library (IPL), these lightweight and ultra-compact cameras are not only extremely versatile but also come packed with high-performance features. The Alvium 1800 U series starts from only 190$ / 159€.



AltiZ — 3D profile sensors from Matrox Imaging

Matrox released high-fidelity 3D profile sensors series AltiZ. Each sensor features a dual-camera single-laser design that greatly lessens the scanning gaps often encountered at critical surface junctures because of optical occlusions. Unique algorithms running inside the sensor automatically generate various type of reliable 3D data-individual profiles, depth maps, or point clouds-obtained by smartly combining or selecting the pixel data from the two integrated image sensors, which is automatically sampled for a constant horizontal resolution.



VISOR®V50 5 megapixel sensor from SensoPart

SensoPart presented a new addition to its established vision sensor family: VISOR®V50, which boosts an image resolution several times larger than that of standard vision sensors. In doing so, the South German sensor manufacturer has responded to a common customer request. The field of view of this or operating distance can be flexibly adapted to the most diverse requirements combined with a suitable C-mount lens.



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