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Mateusz Lichocki

About author

My name is Mateusz Lichocki and Machine Vision is my passion. I am 28 years old. I have over seven year’s experience in vision systems designing, that I’ve gained while participating in Student’s Scientific Society, projects for automotive and during work as a machine vision engineer. I’ve studied at the Silesian University of Technology on Mechatronics faculty, where I have obtained Master of Science degree.

My experience

President of Student's Scientific Society Image Processing and Recognition ``SKN PIRO``

Project for FCA Poland - “Vision systems for detecting the presence of the gear lever setting device”

Project for Adient Seating Poland - “Validation of the quality of riveted joints on the basis of image analysis”

Machine Vision Engineer and Project Team member in Adaptive Vision

Vision System Specialist in NGK Ceramics

My projects in Adaptive Vision: solar panel inspection, robot navigation and battery inspection for leading smartphone producer, OCR applications, code reading and code localization for agriculture, robot navigation and quality inspection for leading furniture producer, quality inspection in many automovie factories.

My projects in NGK: projects details are confidential. Mainly I'm upgrading and improving existing vision systems and releasing new ones for product quality inspection

Computer Vision Experience: LabView, OpenCV (C++), Adaptive Vision, Adaptive Vision Deep Learning add-on, Keyence CV-X, Keyence Vision Editor

Machine Vision Hardware Experience: GiGe and GenICam 2D cameras and 3D sensors, optics, illumination, X-ray camera, frame grabbers, PLC, calibration board, multi-cameras systems, Keyence CV-X and XG-X

Trade show participation: VISION, Automaticon, NIDays, FCA Talent Days, EDUAL - industry 4.0, Silesian Festival of Innovation and Technology

In progress: Python, TensorFlow, Pytorch Lightning

Check my progress at my github