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AI computer vision applications in automotive

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„All that matters is a deep understanding of AI & ability to implement NNS in a way that is actually useful” – Elon Musk

8 practical AI applications

Typical AI applications from automotive production

7 useful tips

Tips from machine vision expert, author of this blog

6 bonus applications

Additional usefull applications that you can make

Book for people with any level of experience

Basic level descriptions for everyone.

Chapter I   Journey from a student to an expert

Who am I and where does my knowledge of AI and computer vision come from

Chapter II   Who will love this book and who will not

In this book you will find ideas and real cases of using Deep Learning in computer vision applications. What you won’t find here, are  thousands of lines of code, definitions and mathematical formulas, but practical advice and use cases.

Chapter II_I   From image to computer vision
Chapter II_II   From AI to Deep Learning
Chapter II_III   From concept to real application
AI computer vision applications in automotive 1
Chapter III   Deep Learning examples

Reasons why you should and why you shouldn’t  use Deep Learning. Descriptions of real examples and fields where you can use AI computer vision in automotive industry.

Chapter III_I   Process automation applications
Chapter III_II   This is not all about metal parts
Chapter IV   Ending

You can have an impact on the development of this blog and the materials I create!

Chapter V   Bibliography

Learn more about algorithms and solutions from e-book sources

AI computer vision applications in automotive e-book is a great continuation of articles:

as well as a summary of the trends of changes visible in the Machine Vision News series.

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