AI in Machine Vision, the most powerful CV software, AI cameras – Machine Vision News – 29 June 2020

AI in Machine Vision, the most powerful CV software, AI cameras – Machine Vision News – 29 June 2020

In this episode you will see a lot of AI solutions including cameras, deep learning softwares and annotation tools. You can also learn about one of the best available solutions for bin picking and test automation. Moreover, as the last news I will show you the most unusual and multipurpose solution that you can imagine.

Machine Vision News for machine vision, computer vision and automation engineers and all other machine vision enthusiasts.

Labelling technology for image segmentation from is a labelling technology for image segmentation. This solution allows you to label objects and regions with a few clicks, due to computer vision technology powered by AI. Algorithms predictions kick in after labelling a first set of images. This tool can be used for any type of image data, from automotive to medical images, because used technology quickly learns and adapts to specific data. It is easy to integrate into existing processes due to API and Python SDK.

Zillin – online tool for managing image datasets


Zillin is a web tool for annotating images and managing image datasets. You can upload image datasets, configure marking tools or questions, and do the actual annotation work. You can do this yourself or invite other people to cooperate with you. In Zillin, you can easily divide tasks and grant permissions to users. Then, after all the work is done, you can export your annotations and use it for training or testing your computer vision algorithms, most typically ones that are based on deep neural networks.

GRASP – bin picking solution from Sanezoo


GRASP is a bin picking solution from Sanezoo. GRASP knows how each part is grasped, by which picking point and from which direction. This solution allows firm and precise grasping for speedy robotic manipulation and short cycle times.

Its key features are:

– fast & easy implementation

– fast cycle time

– picking can be combined with fine surface inspection

– known gripping position

– works with any material, including shiny and dark surfaces

– safe and collaborative  due to no lasers or infrared.

EMMA – test automation solution from WIANCO OTT Robotics


EMMA is solution from WIANCO OTT Robotics, which enables automated end-to-end process and test automation of any system and any software on any device without science fiction. EMMA is able to be approximately 10 times more productive, compared to manual testing, with fully automated audit compliant documentation of performed tests, which can be automatically sent to the development team for continuous integration in further development and reporting processes.

It can be used for machine vision tasks such as:

  • Object Recognition (Image Recognition, Shape Recognition, Object Deviations
  • Optical Character Recognition ( OCR)
  • Reading from Screen and correlating to previous or successing Test Steps
  • Video Stream Recognition

PEKAT VISION – AI software for industrial visual inspection


PEKAT VISION is a software for industrial visual inspection and quality assurance​ based on AI. It uses its own proprietary focused-learning algorithm, which goes beyond deep-learning and works like a human eye​. It is able to focus on detail and needs only a few images for learning and understanding the task.

Even from the few images, it is able to recognize, when an object or material is defect-free and when it is defective.

It can find anomalies​, detect and classify defects and check surface on materials and objects, where current vision systems fail.

Adaptive vision Studio 5.0 – machine vision software


New Adaptive vision Studio 5.0 is a powerful, user-friendly, machine vision software. It is a first computer vision software that allows you to perform many computations in parallel to the main program loop without programming knowledge. New 5.0 version also includes new features like:

  • event-based programming in the HMI Designer
  • paralel tasks
  • program sections
  • minimal view
  • results control
  • simplified IDE
  • new powerful formulas
  • faster Deep Learning
  • and much more.

IDS NXT ocean – camera with built-in AI


IDS NXT ocean is an all-in-one solution that allows you to create your own inference camera. It has thus the ability to apply „knowledge” acquired through deep learning to new data. With IDS NXT ocean, deep learning is easy to use. Using this solution allows you to work intuitively with images and load individual neural networks directly onto your IDS NXT industrial camera. User needs a few steps from the image acquisition and handling of the training of the AI to the finished working inference camera.

Firefly DL – deep learning camera


Firefly DL is a deep learning camera created by Flir. All models can run with 60 FPS and 1.6 MP resolution. Deploying trained neural network to the FLIR Firefly DL with Neuro technology, users can reduce system cost and complexity by making decisions on-camera without host PC. With its very small size, low weight and power consumption, the Firefly DL camera is ideal for embedding into mobile, desktop, and handheld systems.

Spot CAM+ is a inspection tool for Spot robot from Boston Dynamics


The Spot CAM+ payload turns Spot into a powerful inspection tool with purpose-built cameras and turnkey integration.

Spot robot is designed for developers eager to explore how flexible mobile robots can be adapted for tasks ranging from industrial inspection to entertainment.

Spot CAM+ features a color ring camera with a 360° field of view, for complete situational awareness while remotely operating the robot. A pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) color camera adds a powerful 30x optical zoom, enabling detailed inspections from a distance. Integrated high-sensitivity microphones and amplified speakers enable remote auditory inspections and two-way communications with operators in the field.

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