06.05.2020 – Machine Vision News

06.05.2020 – Machine Vision News

Machine Vision News for machine vision, computer vision and automation engineers and all other machine vision enthusiasts.

Falcon4™ 86M camera from Teledyne DALSA

Teledyne DALSA announced the Falcon4™ 86Megapixel camera, which belongs to their new generation of color and monochrome area scan cameras. The new cameras incorporate very large resolutions and faster frame rates, enabling high speed image capture with superb spatial resolution and improved image quality.

The camera characterises with high dynamic range, global and rolling shutter mode, optional patented piezoelectric forward motion compensation model, which supports high resolution mapping, tactical ISR and wide-area surveillance.

Due to camera robustness, it is ideal for aerial imaging, corridor surveying, wide area mapping, asset management, security, surveillance and much more.



The new Lt Series USB3 Board Level Cameras from Teledyne Lumenera

Teledyne Lumenera announced the release of its new Lt Series USB3 Board Level Cameras engineered for embedded vision systems. New cameras are leveraging the latest rolling shutter Starvis CMOS sensors and global shutter Pregius CMOS sensors from Sony. Lt Series Board Level Cameras are engineered to deliver high dynamic range, high speed, with low read noise for applications such as aerial imaging and many others.



Adaptive Vision Studio 5.0 from Adaptive Vision

Adaptive Vision released Adaptive Vision Studio 5.0 beta version. Worker tasks featured in the new version allow you to perform many computations in parallel to the main program loop. New 5.0 version also includes new features like:

  • Event-based programming in the HMI Designer
  • Program sections
  • Minimal view
  • Results control
  • Simplified IDE
  • New powerful formulas
  • Faster Deep Learning
  • And much more



In-Sight® D900 – vision system from Cognex

Cognex announced The In-Sight® D900. It is a vision system powered by In-Sight ViDi™ software, designed specifically to run deep learning applications. This embedded solution helps factory automation customers easily solve challenging OCR, assembly verification, and defect detection applications, that are often too difficult to deploy with traditional, rule-based machine vision tools and require reliable, fast and consistent results not possible with human inspection



MicroHAWK V/F400 and V/F300 Series Smart Cameras from Omron

Omron released The V/F400 and V/F300 Series smart cameras, which are the latest additions to company’s popular 𝗠𝗶𝗰𝗿𝗼𝗛𝗔𝗪𝗞 line, that offers both code reading and vision inspection capabilities. This new smart cameras with ultra-small footprints allow you to simplify code reading and inspection. Bundling multiple capabilities in one, the smart cameras lower hardware costs and minimize the work required for commissioning and maintenance.



CXP 2.0 cameras from Basler

Basler announced boost camera series, which combines the new world of CMOS sensor performance with galactic high bandwidths and all other benefits of the CoaXPress 2.0 standard – all this at an unbeatable cost/benefit ratio. Combined with the well-tailored Basler CXP-12 interface card 1C, Basler also offers the boost in a bundle as two perfectly harmonized components. You can utilize pylon Camera Software Suite as SDK for the camera and interface card.



Intra-oral camera solution IOflex from NET

NET introduced IOflex, intra-oral camera solution for dental applications. With IOflex, videos and images are recorded and captured in full HD. The innovative feature, enabling image enhancement directly in the camera’s FPGA, ensures excellent image reproduction and smooth video streaming. This means that even high-resolution video can be transmitted to the computer via a USB 2.0 interface.



The XT 3D Vision System from Keyence

Keyence introduced The XT 3D Vision System, which is a NEW inline 3D inspection and measurement camera with industry leading capability:

– Reduced 3D data dropout caused by blind spots

– High accuracy in all dimensions (XYZ)

– Quickly generate a stable, usable 3D image.



Mini IPCs of the NISE 3900 series from spectra

Spectra released The fanless Mini IPCs of the NISE 3900 series. They are equipped with Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processors of the 8th generation based on the Q370/H370 chipset. The most powerful variant works with a quad core CPU and a clock frequency of up to 3.10 GHz on four to six cores and eight virtual threads. It is ideal for edge computing, plant control or image processing, that usually place high demands on the computing power of the embedded systems used.



SP-45001-CXP4 camera from JAI

JAI has introduced new variants of the Spark 45-megapixel (8192 x 5460 pixels) cameras using an image sensor variant with reduced frame rate (38.67 fps for 8-bit images). The new camera models offer approximately 20% cost savings for customers, that do not need maximum frame rate. It is ideal for inspection of flat panel displays, semiconductors, label inspection, inventory and logistics robots and much more.



BOLT SFP28 – 25GigE camera from Emergent Vision Technologies

Emergent Vision Technologies are adding an ultra high-resolution camera model featuring the Gpixel GMAX3265 CMOS sensor to its BOLT SFP28 – 25GigE high-speed camera series. The new 65 megapixel BOLT HB-65000-G camera will offer 35 frames per second at high 9344 x 7000 Key benefits include high resolution in a compact optical format (35mm), high data throughput, and low-noise.



VS-HV lens Series from VS technology

VS technology released its new SV-HV lens series. New product series support 12 MP, 1.1” sensor 4K resolution. SV-HV series’ design is versatile for wide range of applications. The new series consists of 3 models: with 8, 12 and 16mm of focal length.



The O2I5 code-reader series from IFM

IFM released new image-based code reader, which pre-processes the code-reading application internally as an edge device. Utilizing a highly capable embedded logic layer, it reduces information density at the controller or higher level tracking system. Internal image filters, the newest decoding algorithms, and programmable lighting polarization ensure that every code is read reliably. This new line of code readers helps simplify the next industrial revolution, eliminating time required for installation, programming, and troubleshooting.



Helios and Helios Flex ToF cameras from Lucid Vision Labs

Lucid vision labs released Helios and Helios Flex – the 3D time of flight cameras. Cameras are featured by Sony’s IMX556 Depth sense ToF (time of flight) sensor. Cameras are available in near and far mode with up to 6m working distance. Moreover, the camera characterises with industrial robustness, fast on-camera 3D processing and up to 100m cable length.



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